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To prepare for Test 2, you should be able to do the following types of problems after studying Chapters 2.9-2.10, 3 and 4. Chapter 2 : Use the momentum principle to relate the initial and final momentum of a system of two particles that undergo collision. Chapter 3: Predict motion iteratively when forces are changing (i.e. block and spring). Calculate the gravitational force (both magnitude and vector) exerted by one object on another. Approximate the gravitational force near the surface of the earth Use the gravitational force to update the momentum and position of a planet. Relate the momentum principle to the vector trajectory of an object o Subject to a spring force o Subject to a gravitational force (i.e. planetary motion) Calculate the electric force of attraction (or repulsion) between two charged particles using the electric force law. Compare the electric force to the gravitational force between the two particles.
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