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Name ___________________________________________ Sec __________ NATS 104 – Nutrition. Food and You Section 3H - 8 EXAM 5 1. The theory that uncoupled proteins play a part in obesity is referring to as the ________ theory. A . enzyme theory B . fat cell theory C . Thermogenesis D . set-point 2. A slide discussed in lecture demonstrated how only carbohydrate replacement can act as ergogenic aids, but not fluid replacement A . True B . False 3. The psychological desire to eat is referred to as: A . Satiety B . Appetite C . Hunger D . Obesity 4. A method that will allow measurement of body leanness is A. DEXA B. BMI C. Underwater weighing D. Only A and C E. All of the above 5. Women in their reproductive years are less likely to carry intra-abdominal fat than are women past menopause and this gives younger women a decreased risk of heart disease. A . True B . False 6. Body mass index correlates with body fatness, but is not suitable for all. The group that is suitable for BMI is: A . Endurance athletes B . Pregnant women C . Elderly D . Muscular athletes E. none of the above 7. Anaerobic activities utilize the majority of what fuel source A . protein B . fat C. carbohydrate D . ketones E. alcohol 8. Jane wants to lose weight. If she decreases her daily calorie intake by 150 and increases her daily energy expenditure by 100, theoretically she should be losing ___ pounds per week. A . 1.0 B . 0.25 C . 0.5 D . 0.8 9. Which of the following are true statements about basal metabolism? A . it supports the work that goes on all the time B . it is directly controlled by the hormone thyroxine
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natsExam5_Aanswers - Name_ Sec_ NATS 104 Nutrition. Food...

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