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NATS 104 Fall 2007 Name: _Wendy Goldsmith_______section 26_____ Assignment 6 - Dietary Evaluation You must use this file (not a previous semester file). The point value for each question is in parenthesis near the question number…. .be sure to read directions carefully. If the question asks you to show your work and no work is shown, no points will be awarded for the answer. STEP 1: Diet Record You will need to record your diet for 3 days using the provided “Diet Record” form. Start keeping track once you wake up through until you go to sleep. Record two consecutive weekdays (example: Tuesday and Wednesday) and 1 weekend day. You will need to record all food and beverages (include water). Separate your supplements and alcohol intake for each day and write them in the provided space. STEP 2: Diet Analysis When you have recorded your food intakes for all three days, you will need to go to the USDA My Pyramid website to analyze your diet. (DO NOT include dietary supplements in the calculations you do for your dietary analysis.) When working on this assignment, do NOT utilize the My Physical Activity part of the website. The USDA My Pyramid Website is located here: Read the instructions on how to use this website carefully. Instructions on how to use the USDA MyPyramid website: 1. Read the directions to become acquainted with the site 2. Login as New User at the bottom of the page 3. Enter your information and click on save 4. Proceed to food intake 5. Enter a food on the left, i.e. Bread, and click on search -A list of possible choices will appear below the original entry -Select a more specific choice, i.e. . Bread, whole wheat, toasted 6. At the right, click on select quantity, then select serving size and number of servings (if you do not select realistic serving sizes and quantities it can cost you many points) 7. Click on 'Enter Foods' at the bottom to go back and enter the next item 8. When you are done entering foods for the day, click on 'save and analyze'. You will be given several choices for analysis. You must copy and paste a My Pyramid score and a Nutrient Intake analysis for each day in the provided box below. I highly suggest you print a hardcopy of each nutrient intake and mypyramid for your own insurance (do not lose these hardcopies until your assignment has been graded. *** DO NOT RELY ON THE “SAVE TODAY’S CHANGES” BUTTON IN THE PROGRAM, you will not be able to retrieve the files necessary for this assignment. Note: - Before you can enter day 2, you must copy and paste the version of the analysis of day 1 and print your insurance copy…. then select 'remove all' to clear the program to start day 2. - Enter each day separately, finding the best fit for the foods you eat (the database may not have the exact
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dietanalysis - NATS 104 Fall 2007 Name: _Wendy...

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