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Disc Q 5 F'07 - EALC 350g Fall 2007 Questions for...

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EALC 350g Birge Fall 2007 Questions for Discussion Week #5 Taoism 1. The term "Way" (Tao ) has appeared in various texts (e.g. Analects , Mencius , and Taoist texts). How does the meaning of this term differ in these different texts? Analects: for confucianists, the way involves virtue, moral force and charisma. As long as rulers are exemplary citizens,they will retain the respect of the people. Mencius: the way for Mencius, being of confucianist thought, honors similar values but gives more weight to the idea that man is inherently good natured. Mencius believes that because we are from heaven, we must be constructed to be good. As long as Rulers do not mistreat there citizens, they will have no reason to revolt. Taoist: for a person to reach the moral way, they must return to their natural selves with nature. Taoists believe in surrendering to the mistical intuitions we receive. Taoists do not impose themselves on anything and from this do not label anything as good or bad. 2. How does wu-wei
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Disc Q 5 F'07 - EALC 350g Fall 2007 Questions for...

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