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Disc Q 4 F'07 - war on terrorism In what ways can the...

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EALC 350g Birge Fall 2005 Questions for Discussion #4 Sun Tzu 1. In what ways does Sun Tzu's Art of War reflect the conditions at the time he lived and in what ways does it have value for us today? 2. What are some basic principles of war, as seen in the selections from the Art of War ? 3. In what ways has the U.S. followed or not followed Sun Tzu's principles in conflicts of the past (e.g. Vietnam, Gulf War)? In what ways is it following them now in the war in Iraq or the
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Unformatted text preview: war on terrorism? In what ways can the insurgents in Iraq or terrorists around the world be said to be following these principles? I-ching 1. What is the I-ching, and what has been its use over time and in the present day in China (and elsewhere)? 2. Explain the interaction between yin and yang in Chinese thought, as seen for instance in the I-ching (Book of Changes or Classic of Changes )....
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