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Disc Q 7 F'07Movie&RelTaoism

Disc Q 7 F'07Movie&RelTaoism - these demands(regarding...

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EALC 350g Birge Fall 2007 Questions for Discussion 7 (Week 8) (after midterm #1) Film: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 1. What Confucian themes do you see in the movie? 2. What Taoist themes do you see? 3. What Buddhist themes? 4. What is the importance of virtue in Martial Arts, as seen in the film? 5. Why is the control of emotions important? 6. What does the film say about gnder roles and options for women? 7. Note how the film comments on the demands of “civilization” by setting up contrasts of life- style, place, ethnicity, etc. How does it portray both the benefits and drawbacks of accepting
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Unformatted text preview: these demands (regarding marriage, lifesyle, etc.)? Religious Taoism 1. What is a jiao (chiao) in religious Taoism? 2. According to Buzz Magazine , what are some men in Hollywood doing to boost their performance, and what is the philosophy behind it? 3. What aspects of Religious Taoism contradict Philosophical Taoism? 4. What are Inner Alchemy and Outer Alchemy? What are the purposes of each? 5. What are the ethics of religious Taoism, as seen in the Commandments of Lord Lao (in reader)?...
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