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EALC 350g Birge Fall 2005 Questions for Discussion #6 (Week 6) Legalism 1. What did Li Ssu and the First Emperor contribute to Chinese civilization and government? Legalism and a unified china. Standardization of wieghts, money, and writing system. Counties and commandaries were established and are still in place today. Abolished fuedalsim, great wall of china, grand canal, tracota soldiers
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How would a Confucian thinker respond to Han Fei Tzu's philosophy of Legalism? Legalism is anti-filial piety, anti education, anti poor, anti sage rulers, human nature is bad, pro war. 3. Can punishments coerce people into acting lawfully? 4. What is the attitude towards learning and towards war in the Han Fei Tzu?...
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