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hw2a - Example 3 what is the probability that a business is...

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Business Mathematics I Homework 2a Prepared for Cheryl Ekstrom Math 115a, Section 6H University of Arizona By LyndaJoe Echerivel Submitted on September 10, 2007 I affirm that I completed this assignment in its entirety and that the work contained herein is original. Furthermore, I understand that sanctions will be imposed if any part of this work is found to violate the Student Code of Conduct, the Code of Academic Integrity, or the policies and procedures established for this course. LyndaJoe Echerivel ______________________________ ______________________________ Name (typed) Signature
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1. ( Exercise 6 in Basic Probability ) You are certain that your first job offer will arrive in January, February, or March. ( i ) Using March} Feb, Jan, { = Σ as a sample space for the experiment of noting the arrival date of the offer, use set notation to list all events. ( ii ) Describe each of the events in real world terms. (Hint: There are eight events.) Solution. 2. ( Exercise 8 in Basic Probability ) Returning to the events and notation in
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Unformatted text preview: Example 3 , what is the probability that a business is not the owner’s first venture and fails during the first year? Solution. 3. ( Exercise 11 in Basic Probability ) You have applied to be an intern at company Big and company Huge . The personnel directors at Big and Huge have told you that the probabilities of getting the positions at their companies are 0.3 and 0.5, respectively. You estimate that the probability of getting both jobs is only 0.1. What is the probability that you get exactly one of the jobs? Solution. 4. ( Exercise 12 in Basic Probability ) Using the information from Exercise 11 , find the probability that you get neither of the jobs. Solution. For Problems 5-7, no explanation is needed. Just use Equation Builder to simulate the given expression. 5. ( Exercise 2 in Word Processing Mathematics ) Solution. 6. ( Exercise 7 in Word Processing Mathematics ) Solution. 7. ( Exercise 8 in Word Processing Mathematics ) Solution....
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