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Chapter 5 Research Case 1. How does the Seder link the present to the past? The Seder links the present to the past by telling the story of the Exodus, and remembering the trials that the people had to go through before regaining the Holy Land. 2. Using Wallace’s fivefold classification system, how would you classify the Seder? Why? I would classify the Seder as an Ideological ritual because it tells the story of the Exodus, and they observe the rituals inside of the Seder, during the telling, by eating symbols of the Exodus, such as unleavened bread. 3. How would the theories of the myth and ritual school approach the interpretation
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Unformatted text preview: of this ritual meal? The myth school would interpret the ritual meal as the story of the Exodus, while the ritual school, would see it as the rituals that are enacted during the telling of the Exodus. 4. Do you think the revised feminist version of the Seder promotes solidarity among women and is empowering? If yes, how does it accomplish this? Yes, I believe that it is empowering to women and creates solidarity among them because, more and more, women are taking up male dominated roles during important rituals....
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