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Midterm review - Midterm Review Freedom Giving your...

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Midterm Review 2. Freedom – Giving your audience different options to think or choose. Safety – Audience saying what they want without retaliation from speaker Value – valuing your audiences opinions when speaking up Openness – Opening the conversation so the audience feels they CAN speak a. Let the audience know and understand that you’re open to change. b. Ask questions to be answered and allow audience input c. Repeat what the audience input is and consider their points d. Discuss options with and from the audience 3. Commitment Statement is your thesis for your speech. Everything in our speech must go back to the commitment statement. It’s what you hope to achieve with this speech and what it’s about. Summarizes subject matter or gist of presentation, offers initial commitment to a position, and suggest your interactional goal. 4. Needed for professional careers, connect more with people in general, and learn more and teach more to people, diverse perspectives a. Less advancement in careers 5. Discussing (openly) what problems are there, discussing possible solutions, then how to solve the problems, etc 6. “Changing the world” The world is constantly changing. “Initiate communication w/ others because you believe you can offer your audience opportunities for growth.” “open to learning from the perspectives that others present” emerging from either speaker or audience having changed your opinion on an issue. (3) 7. Conquest Rhetoric
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Midterm review - Midterm Review Freedom Giving your...

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