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Chapter 6 - outline

Chapter 6 - outline - p.215 • “ Childbearing regarded...

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CHAPTER 6: SEXUALITY – Outline I. Exploring Adolescent Sexuality p.199 A. A Normal Aspect of Adolescent Development B. The Sexual Culture p.200 C. Developing a Sexual Identity p.201 D. Obtaining Research Information About Adolescent Sexuality II. Sexual Attitudes and Behavior p.202 A. Heterosexual Attitudes and Behavior 1. Sequence and Change ORAL SEX p.204 EARLY MATURATION CROSS-CULTURAL COMPARISONS 2. Sexual Scripts p.205 Sexual script 3. Risk Factors, Youth Assets, and Sexual Problems p.206 4. Further Exploration of Heterosexual Attitudes and Behavior in Emerging Adults p.207 B. Sexual Minority Attitudes and Behavior p.208 Sexual minority Bisexual 1. Factors Associated with Sexual Minority Behavior 2. Developmental Pathways p.209 3. Gay Male or Lesbian Identity and Disclosure p.210 4. Peer Relations 5. Discrimination & Bias
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Homophobia C. Self-Stimulation p.211 D. Contraceptive Use p.212 III. Adolescent Sexual Problems p.214 A. Adolescent Pregnancy 1. Incidence of Adolescent Pregnancy 2. Cross-Cultural Comparisons - 3 reasons why US adolescent pregnancy rates are so high (based on cross-cultural studies)
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Unformatted text preview: p.215 • “ Childbearing regarded as adult activity.” • “Clear messages about sexual behavior.” • “Access to family planning services.” • DECREASING U.S. ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY RATES p.216 3. Abortion 4. Consequences of Adolescent Pregnancy p.217 5. Cognitive Factors in Adolescent Pregnancy 6. Adolescents as Parents p.218 7. Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy p.219 B. Sexually Transmitted Infections p.221 • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) 1. HIV & AIDS • AIDS 2. Genital Herpes p.224 • Genital Herpes 3. Genital Warts • Genital Warts 4. Gonorrhea • Gonorrhea 5. Syphilis p.225 • Syphilis 6. Chlamydia • Chlamydia C. Forcible Sexual Behavior and Sexual Harassment p.226 1. Forcible Sexual Behavior • Rape • Date, or acquaintance, rape 2. Sexual Harassment p.227 • Quid pro quo sexual harassment p.228 • Hostile environment sexual harassment...
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Chapter 6 - outline - p.215 • “ Childbearing regarded...

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