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Survey of Music Business (MUSB 1305) Notes 6/3/2009 Rule # 1 - There is no business without the music (musicians) Rule # 2 - Music rarely goes anywhere without the business Therefore - Relationship between musicians and the music business is SYMBIOTIC Setting Up A Business 1. Should have a budget for marketing. (Sales, Promotion, Publicity) 2. Legal - Need a lawyer. A. NEVER sign a contract without QUALIFIED legal counsel. B. Everything is negotiable. Never sign unless you have the right to NEGOTIATE. 3. Have a business plan. 5. Learn to adapt - dynamic not static. 6. Must have a Name. A. DBA (assumed name) - set one up so that you are separate from the business as far as money. -Also need a EIN (employee identification #) B. Trade marking ( -Service name -Simply selling an object to the public with your name/symbol can count as service marking.
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Unformatted text preview: -Long, Boring, Complicated website, but necessary. C. Research Name- Bilboard Talent and Tour Directory- County Records- State Records- PRO’s (performing rights organizations - ASCAP, BMI, SESAC 7. Set Goals A. Make an Album ect… List of jobs available in the music business: Musician Songwriter/Composer Booking Agent Management - Tour Manager (babysitter) Concert Promoter Touring - technical, support - sound, lights, instrument tech, ect Management - Personal Manager (babysitter) Publishing Record Label Distribution Graphic Artist/Photographer - Album artwork, press releases ect Writer/Journalist - Album reviews, concert reviews Legal - Attorney, Paralegal, Clearance Houses Accountant New Media - Websites, Videogames Radio Publicist Marketing & Promotions Film/TV sync houses, licensing firms Engineer Producer Merchandiser Music Supervisor...
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