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MUSB 1305 – 6/10/09 notes -Jobs in the tape room were reserved for men -Publishing is much more open to women executives-traditionally, women were song pluggers -Music genres are still segregated-rock and pop are mostly white people, urban and rap are mostly black people -In any industry winners are the believers and thinkers -Now, to work in big companies, you have to go through HR -Now you have to have some kind of degree to be hired -It all starts with a song **What makes a great song: hook, universal theme/experience, special feeling/coolness,
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Unformatted text preview: tension/mystery-unexpected, memorable, clever/new way to express thought, imagery-no silly rhymes, sincerity/believable, fantasy/unbelievable, well-crafted** **What makes a hit song: MONEY, repetition, artist hype, appealing performance captured on tape, label promotion, radio play, current/trend setting, good distribution, hook, universal theme/experience, coolness, memorable, well-crafted**...
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