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Notes_6_15_09 - -The company putting out the sound...

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6/15/09 -Publishers: 1. Exploit copyrights-monetize (creative) 2. Protect-register with Library of Congress/Performing Rights Organization (admin.) 3. Administer-locate and collect royalties (admin.) 4. Introduce to people who record songs (creative) 5. Set up collaborations (creative) -Copyright © or (P): -© is underlying composition -(P) is for sound recording or master recording **Life of copyright-life of last living author plus 70 years** -Mechanical (license/fee)-CD, cassette, download, vinyl -Harry Fox Agency-mechanical rights organization **Current mechanical statutory rate-9.1 cents per 100% (wholly song)**
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Unformatted text preview: -The company putting out the sound recording is responsible for getting the copyright for the sound recording-Synchronization license-TV, film, video games, video jukeboxes, internet; synching music to picture-Master use license-© and ℗-Performance license or royalty-paid by PRO; income comes from radio, TV, streaming, restaurants, retail space **Three sources of income: mechanical, synchronization, performance (and print)**-Print-sheet music, folio, songbooks, royalty...
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  • Gramophone record, Royalties, Library of Congress/Performing Rights Organization, statutory rate-9.1 cents

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