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MUSB 1305 – notes - 6/17/09 **July 8th-tour manager** -To get a synchronization license you have to go to the publisher and the then the recording company -Performance incomes get paid out by PRO’s -BMI started by broadcasters **You go to the Library of Congress to copyright your song, and the US Copyright falls under the Library of Congress** 1 copyright=1 song 50% Writer's Share 50% Publisher's Share
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Unformatted text preview: -[Exclusive] co-publishing (50/50) deal-you sell half of your publishing share; the publishers share is split in half-100% deal-publishers own 100% of publishers share (50% of the copyright)-Administration deal-Single song deal-sell 50% of your publishers share for only one song **If youre signed to a publisher, you cannot sign to another publishing deal**...
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