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9/8/2008 POV Paper #1 I believe that by stating that “we remain Puritans all”, Morone means to say that American society, in general, to this day still has an “us versus them” attitude (pg ) and believes that they are more righteous than “everyone else”. That statement may also imply that Americans maintain a hypocritical, close- minded attitude, and choose to ignore wrongs that we cause others, who are not a part of the collective “us”, and that we give a message of being morally superior to others and do not “sin” (e.g., drink), when really we do (as mentioned in the example of Puritans supposedly being teetotalers .
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Unformatted text preview: If this is what the author intends, then I do agree with his statement. Hypocrisy still runs rampant, such as with those who are for the death penalty and against abortion. We ignore, for example, the innocent lives lost at the hands of Americans in the Middle East, rather than mourning as we would an American. Certain things continue to make people “outcasts” due to stigma, such as HIV, even when many Christians in this country believe we are all “God's children”....
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