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10/27/08 Sponsorship: A Futuristic Music Industry Strategy The panelists agreed that sponsorship is now becoming commonplace, and in some cases it is not possible for a band or artist to reach the levels of popularity they may wish, without being part of one or more ad campaigns. Advertising in general is changing so that companies must find ways to include their brand in content, rather than between content – for example, with TiVo, people are able to skip commercials, but if a company has their product placed in a show or their logo on a banner on the stage of a broadcast concert, the advertising becomes unavoidable. The music industry is changing as well, because the interest from companies has made sponsorship very appealing. One of the major difficulties in the case of early attempts at sponsorship was that it was viewed as “selling out” for an artist to be associated with a particular brand. Aerosmith was brought up as one
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