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9/4/08 Assignment #1 A small, color lithograph, stark in it's simplicity. A gray claw hammer catches both a red and yellow nail, as if to pull them out of the plane they are embedded in. Thick, bold lines make the outline of the hammer clear, minus one stray edge on the left. The nails, in primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – are simply left as one color each, against the white background. Once again, very basic. And isn't the task of pulling out a nail something we have all done at one point, whether it be hanging a painting or assembling a bookcase? The two nails depicted as caught in the claw of the hammer are tangled together, indicating perhaps some struggle, as the nails must be bending against the angle at which they are being pulled,
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Unformatted text preview: and bending toward each other. And of course, they leave their mark on the wall, or piece of wood that they must have been until recently, joined with. This new bond between the nails, brought upon them by the hammer, brings two things that together that would ordinarily be far from each other. This is also illustrated in the fact that those two particular nails are red and yellow, where the other nails are all separated by color. A new color, orange, is to be formed in joining these two items, moving to a more complex realm than the right side of the painting. The hammer, on the left side, is shaded – also indicating more complexity, and the far left of the hammer has no detectable outline. ..the blurring of boundaries, perhaps....
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