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WTE 2 - dimensional environment The act of removing those...

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9/6/08 Assignment #2 The piece seems to be saying that even if forces that are beyond your control remove you from a certain situation that you have become accustomed to, your life may take an unexpected turn for the better, or you may learn something from it and adapt to your new surroundings in a way that takes you into the next level of intellectual thinking. This is shown by the claw of the hammer seizing the nails from whatever two-dimensional surface they may have been embedded in, and into a new, three
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Unformatted text preview: dimensional environment. The act of removing those objects, represents a move away from the old, basic plane (or, “plain”, if you will) that they are “stuck” in, to a more adaptive mode. New ideas and ways of thinking may be introduced, and perhaps new friends may be made – exemplified by the joining together of the red and yellow nails....
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