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descrp - The way the rocks can be so still and still add...

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6/16 An Exercise in Reducing Wordiness in paragraphs There are certain elements to be viewed while strolling through the college creek and one is the soft, bristling water as it comes down from the fountain and down the waterfall and finally cruises past the pale, white rocks. Another element that can be seen in the creek is the way the beaming sunlight casts its glow on the flowers ^rocks and trees which reflect a rare beauty that only nature can produce.
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Unformatted text preview: The way the rocks can be so still and still add luster to the scene is really a fine example of still-life beauty. The wind can be felt mildly gusting though the many caverns. When strolling through the college creek that is soft with bristling water that comes down from a waterfall and through a fountain...
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