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NarrativeWriting - • Developed sequentially(chronological...

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6/17/09 Narrative writing is usually considered creative writing but can be very good pattern for expository writing which is used to make a point. In this unit, you will learn Types of narration Guidelines for the use of narration as a supporting developmental pattern in exposition Principles of Narration Types of Narration o Folk Tales o Myths o Legends o Allegories o Short Stories o Novels o Anecdote o The Personal Essay/Narrative/Autobiography/Biography The Personal Essay Told in the reliable or ironic first person Person who speaks with authority; ironic is the voice that seems to be telling truth but you know it’s false or partially true Expressive (emotional attachment) Something that matters to you: the teller of the story/concern Narrates a meaningful, profound, or consequential experience Includes interpretation and judgment Meaning of the experience and judgment affirms or rejects
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Unformatted text preview: • Developed sequentially(chronological), in flashback, flash forward, or in mixed mode • Informational/Persuasive/Confessional/Therapeutic/Humorous intent Principles for use of narration as a supporting developmental pattern: 1) Use narrative to make a point. The narrative serves as an example/ illustration. 2) Adopt a single point of view—either first person (“I”) or third person (“he/she”). 3) Include in the narrative action, description, and dialogue. 4) Keep the narrative brief- no longer than what is necessary 5) Carefully clarify the conflict. 6) Resolve the conflict by the end of the narrative. 7) You may wish to state or imply the point of the narrative. 8) If you state the point, you can place it at the beginning—before the narrative starts—or at the end, after the resolution of the conflict....
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