ECEN 215 Syllabus for Summer 2009

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ECEN 215 Principles of Electrical Engineering Summer 2009 Lecture MWF 1000-1055 ZACH 103, Lab TR ZACH 006 Lab times by section: 301 1000-1150, 302 1220-1410, 303 1440-1630 Description Credit 3 (2-2). Fundamentals of electric circuit analysis and introduction to electronics for engineering majors other than electrical or computer engineering. Prerequisites: Upper division status; PHYS 208; MATH 308 or concurrent enrollment therein. Instructor John E. Tyler, Jr., ECEN Senior Lecturer, Phone 845-7508, email [email protected] Office: 216D Zachry. Office hours will be posted on my office door. Textbook Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications, 4 th Edition, by Hambley ECEN 215 Lab Manual , by Tyler Topics 1. Introduction and DC resistive circuit analysis 6. Amplifier concepts 2. Inductors and capacitors (ideal and non-ideal) 7. Introduction to the op amp 3. Transients, first and second order 8. Op amp applications 4. Steady state AC circuit analysis and AC power 9. Diodes and BJTs with applications
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