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BAEN-366 SPRING/09 Homework # 1 Read chapter 1 Page 2-9 Answer the following questions 1) What is heat or work? Energy transferred by interactions of a system with the surroundings 2) What is heat transfer? What is the difference with thermodynamics? Thermal energy in transit due to spatial temperature difference 3) Which are the modes of heat transfer? Conduction, convection, radiation 4) What are the physical mechanisms associated with the different modes of heat transfer? Conduction : transfer of energy from the more energetic to the less energetic particles of a substance due to interactions between particles Convection: energy transfer due to the random molecular movement and by the bulk motion of the fluid Radiation: energy emitted by matter that is a nonzero temperature due to changes in the
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Unformatted text preview: electron configurations of the constituent atoms. The energy of the radiation field is transported by electromagnetic waves. 5) What is Fourier’s Law? Write the equation and define each element of this equation with their the appropriate units For the 1-D plane wall dx dT k q x − = " k = thermal conductivity [W/mK] d T /d x = temperature gradient [K/m] = " x q heat flux [W/m 2 ] BAEN-366 SPRING/09 Solve problem 1.1 ( use k =0.035 W/mK and T 1-T 2 = 15 o C ) Solution of the problem as given in the text book BAEN-366 SPRING/09 SOLUTION WITH THE NEW PARAMETER VALUES W m A q q m W q m K mK W q L T T k dx dT k q x x x x x 105 4 25 . 26 / 25 . 26 02 . 15 035 . 2 " 2 " " 2 1 " = × = × = = × = − = − =...
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Homework1_Solution - electron configurations of the...

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