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Prob. 8-2A Ivan’s Restoration Company completed the following selected transactions during October 2008: Oct 1 Established a petty cash fund of $750 15 The cash sales for the day, according to the cash register records, totaled $9,702.38. The actual cash received from cash sales was $9,752.38. 31 Petty cash on hand was $40.75. Replenished by petty cash fund for the following disbursements, each evidenced by a petty cash receipt: Oct 4 Store supplies, $217.30 8 Express charges on Merchandise sold, $150 (Delivery Expense). 9 Office supplies, $13.75. 18 Office supplies, $27.80. 19 Postage stamps, $11.70 (Office Supplies). 21 Repair to office file cabinet lock, $50.00 (Miscellaneous Administrative Expense). 23 Postage due on special delivery letter, $21.95 (Miscellaneous Administrative Expense). 24 Express charges on merchandise sold, $165 (Delivery Expense) 29 Office Supplies, $26.85. 31
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TrishaRosno-UNIT2-textbookexercises-ACCT2 - Prob 8-2A...

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