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EI=5E4 kN-m 2 EA=1E5 kN 24 kN/m 20 kN 2 1 A I A B C D 10m 4m 7.5m EI 2EI A B C 1 2 δ = 3cm 4m 6m CE 384 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2003-2004 Spring Semester Homework #3 Due Date: May 18 th , 2004 Using the basic definition of nodal stiffness (general stiffness method), form the structural stiffness matrix [K] and the load vector [Q] of the following structures for the degrees of freedom indicated. Calculate the structural displacements, member end forces and draw the internal force diagrams.
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Unformatted text preview: 1) 2) 3) Support B of the two-span continuous beam settles by 3cm. Using the basic definition of the nodal stiffnesses, form the structural matrix [K] and the load vector [Q]. • Using the degrees of freedom 1&2 • Using the degree of freedom 1 only Calculate the unknown displacement(s), the support reactions and draw the bending moment diagram. A C D B 100 kN 60° 1 2 10m 10m 7.5m I I I 5m X Y...
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