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hw2 - Dr Ergin ATIMTAY Due 31 March 2004 CE 486 Structural...

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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Ergin ATIMTAY Due: 31 March, 2004 CE 486 Structural Design: Concrete Structures Spring Term 2003 Homework # 2 Design the slabs of the typical ground floor plan shown below. The structure is a school building. Materials: 8816 f BC-I Additional dead load = 150 mm“ Use TS-SOO and T8498. Use Moment Coefficients for slabs given in TS-SOO. Draw a good structural floor plan showing the floor thickness and the reinforcement detailing. Make engineering assumptions for missing data. Assume all beams 25x50 cm. Assume all columns 25x45 cm. ...
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