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CE 586 EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING (Spring Semester 2003) Assignment No. 1 . Date due: April 1, 2003 1. Consult Bolt (1992) or www.seismo.unr.edu/htdocs/abouteq.html to answer some of the following questions. When nothing to the contrary is stated, all structures should be assumed to be 5 percent damped. These are open-ended questions that require you to read articles. (a) Assume you are asked to estimate the stresses in the lining of a tunnel that is to be designed for an M = 7.2 earthquake at a distance of 20 km. Use the elementary knowledge of wave theory, practical information from St. John and Zahrah (1987), and attenuation information given, e.g. by Boore et al. (1997), Campbell (1997). (b) What will be the energy released by this earthquake? (c) For the North Anatolian Fault, what would you estimate its depth to be? 2. Assume that you are about to experience an earthquake, and that this earthquake will be an exact replication of the following NONLIN events:
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Unformatted text preview: If your last name begins with: Then your earthquake is: A – G impval1.acc H – L impval2.acc M – R kern1.acc S – Z kern2.acc (i) Draw the time variation of the ground acceleration, velocity and displacement for the record. (Scale the peak acceleration to 1 g.) (ii) How well does the elastic design spectrum match the standard Newmark shape on p. 231 of Chopra (2000)? (iii) What will be the elastic top displacement of a 4 m square concrete (C25) bridge pier with a wall thickness of 0.5 m, height of 50 m, carrying a tributary mass of 1’200 t at the top when subjected to your (original) record? What will be the base shear and bending moment? (iv) What will be the top displacement, base shear and moment if μ = 2 is available? 3. Convert Probs. 6.16 and 6.17 of Chopra (2000) to SI units, and then solve them....
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