Shattered glass questions

Shattered glass questions - Tess Levitan AC 141-204...

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Tess Levitan AC 141-204 Shattered Glass Movie Questions April 28, 2009
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1. In order to gain the trust of his colleagues, Glass was frequently giving them gifts and doing favors for them. Glass also maintained an appearance of professionalism and integrity by appearing to have a sharp attention and concern for even the smallest mistakes. 2. There are a few signs that Glass’s colleagues had suspicions about him. Some suspicion came from one of his female coworkers that he invited to a party and begins to ask why he labeled a diet coke for her and why there was an editor from another leading magazine at the party, to which Glass gives his usual reply of “I’m not sure, it’s probably nothing.” Once suspicions were raised by the website magazine, Chuck begins to become suspicious of Glass’s sources that are hard to reach and lines that always go straight to voicemail, places that are hard to find (such as the building of the convention which would not hold the amount of people that Glass said were at the convention), fake-looking websites and
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Shattered glass questions - Tess Levitan AC 141-204...

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