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Assignment 1 Adv and promotion - positive effect on her I...

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Tess Levitan September 10, 2008 AC 111 Assignment #1 I selected the Visa advertisement as my example of bad advertising because I felt it failed to reach the majority of the target audience reading ELLE. The add uses contrasting colors and a slightly romantic image but does not make having a Visa glamorous. The ad intends to target women who want to go somewhere romantic however I think the woman in the ad just looks silly and since there is no background you don’t get a sense of what is so romantic about Japan. Also if a single woman reading Elle sees the advertisement it probably will not have a very
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Unformatted text preview: positive effect on her. I selected the American Express advertisement as my good advertisement mainly because of its utilization of celebrity Diane Von Furstenberg. The majority of the readers in ELLE would be familiar with Diane Von Furstenberg, especially because she was on Project Runway last week (where she also helped advertise American Express). I think most readers would be curious and read Diane Von Furstenberg’s answers to the American Express questionnaire and ultimately readers would probably see American Express as more glamorous and be more likely to purchase the card....
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