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Mass Communications Assignment 2 - Tess Levitan Due Mass...

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Tess Levitan Due: April 27, 2009 Mass Communications-Assignment 2 1. Setting : Pasadena California (suburbs) Characters : -Benjamin Braddock- main character, recently graduated college -Mrs. Robinson- An older family friend whom Benjamin is seduced by -Mr. Robinson- Mrs. Robinson’s husband who she cheats on with Benjamin; Mr. Braddocks law partner. -Elaine Robinson- Mrs. Robinson’s daughter whom Benjamin falls in love with Mr. and Mrs. Braddock- Benjamin’s parents Carl Smith- the man Elaine almost marries Plot : Benjamin Braddock recently graduated college and is unsure what he wants to do with his life. After his graduation party at his parents’ house, an older family friend (Mrs. Robinson) tries to seduce Benjamin but Benjamin avoids it. A few days later Benjamin calls up Mrs. Robinson and they begin to have an affair. Mr. Robinson remains unaware of the affair and suggests that Benjamin date his daughter Elaine. Mrs. Robinson makes Benjamin promise he will never take Elaine on a date but with further pressure to take Elaine out by his parents, Benjamin gives in. To ensure nothing is ruined
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between him and Mrs. Robinson, Benjamin drives recklessly on his date with Elaine and takes her to a strip club where she begins to cry. Benjamin feels extremely guilty and apologizes to Elaine and kisses her. Benjamin begins to like Elaine which angers Mrs. Robinson who decides to force Ben to tell Elaine the truth about the affair and promise never to see her again. Ben never stops loving Elaine and when the summer ends he tracks her down at Berkeley where she has met someone else and Ben gets rejected. Ben drives to Santa Barbara to stop the wedding and steals Elaine away. 2. a . How the actors/ actresses walked, talked, and dressed. A lot of the actors and actresses’ dress and talk was different from what can commonly be observed in today’s society. The way Benjamin always seemed to stutter with Mrs. Robinson made him seem more innocent and flustered and Mrs. Robinson’s low seductive voice made her appear more sexual and in charge. Elaine Robinson’s voice was also younger and made her seem much more on the level of innocence with Ben rather than seductive and authoritative like her mother. A lot of Mrs. Robinson’s dress was
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Mass Communications Assignment 2 - Tess Levitan Due Mass...

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