STRATEGIC PLANNING- packet summary

STRATEGIC PLANNING- packet summary - Tess Levitan AC 113...

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Tess Levitan May 13, 2009 AC 113 Strategic Planning for IMC International Packet Summary International Advertising and Promotions The Importance of International Markets- 1-Many companies in the US and Western Europe recognize that their domestic markets offer them limited opportunities for expansion because of slow population growth, saturated markets, intense competition, and/or favorable marketing environment. 2- Many companies must focus on foreign Markets to Survive. 3- Companies are also pursuing international markets because of opportunities in growth and profits. Balance-of-trade deficit - the monetary value of imports exceeds that of exports The role of International Advertising and Promotion-promotion is the most visible as well as the most culture bound of the firm’s marketing functions The International Environment Economic conditions indicate a country’s present and future potential for consuming. Economic Infrastructure - the communications, transportation, financial and distribution networks needed to conduct business in these markets effectively. Demographic - Marketers must consider income levels and distribution, age and occupation distributions of the population, household size, education, and employment rates. Cultural - Marketers must be sensitive not only in determining what products and services they can sell foreign cultures but also in communicating with them. Cultural values - beliefs and goals shared by members of a society regarding ideal and states of life and modes of conduct. The
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STRATEGIC PLANNING- packet summary - Tess Levitan AC 113...

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