Voices of civil rights- past and present (4)

Voices of civil rights- past and present (4) - Levitan 1...

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Levitan 1 Past and Present: Discuss one issue that existed in the 1800’s that has parallel today. Give specific information and examples for both times. In the 1800’s, especially prior to the Civil War, women were treated as inferior to their male counterparts. Although Women’s Rights have come a long way and women are now able to vote, society still holds many prejudices towards women. The woman’s potential outside of the home is still advancing and unfortunately many people, whether for religious or traditional purposes, still view the woman’s role as inside the home. Although many prejudices still exist it is important to remember the advances Women’s Rights have made. Most importantly in 1920, after a long battle for the vote, women were finally able to cast a ballot. Having a say politically was very influential in gaining respect for women since they made up half of the potential voters. Although political advances were clear cut, social ones were less defined and perhaps slower to develop. Even in the 1950’s, a solid thirty years after women gained the right to vote, the predominant image and status of a woman was as a homemaker and mother. Similar to women in the 1800’s, the 1950’s woman was discouraged from having a career outside of the home while she was raising her children. And if a woman did have a career, a job as a teacher or a nurse was still seen as more suited for the female. Today many girls are encouraged to seek whatever type of job they desire. However once a woman finds herself at the desk of her dream job she will still find that she will only make
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Voices of civil rights- past and present (4) - Levitan 1...

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