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iClickers - not on the list re-register 4 If you are not on...

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i-CLICKERS CHEMISTRY 308 SPRING 2009 Please read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow them could easily result in the loss of 46 points. 1. All i-Clickers must be registered again this semester. The deadline for this registration is February 3. 2. Shortly after this date, check Gradebook and the course web page to see if there is an i-Clicker ID associated with your RUID. 3. Let us know as soon as possible if there is no i-Clicker ID for you. We have found that many people who thought they had registered were not on the list because they made an error in entering either their RUID or i-Clicker number. If you are
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Unformatted text preview: not on the list re-register. 4. If you are not on the list by March 15, you will not receive any clicker points. 5. If you cannot read your i-Clicker number anymore, check Gradebook for the Chem 307 fall 2008 semester. 6. If you cannot read your i-Clicker number and didn’t have it registered last semester, contact Mr. Kujan ([email protected] ) for help in finding your i-Clicker number. 7. Please note that the green light on the i-Clicker has nothing to do with whether or not you have properly registered it....
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