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lesson 1 assignment 1

lesson 1 assignment 1 - Community oil and gas development...

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Community- oil and gas development, mining, all environmentally detrimental Region- Water shortages, drought, erosion, pollution Nation- Waste disposal, depletion of fish stocks World- Overpopulation, waste disposal, pollution, eco destruction, energy needs All of them can be altered or rectified through policy, technology, and global awareness Water shortages due to drought is an example resulting from overpopulation that we have nearly outgrown current carrying capacity in some places. This is something man, especially living in first world countries and attending Ivy League universities, know little about or have and have little personal experience or concern with. Humans need certain resources like food, water, and shelter for survival , and in some cases and regions there is already not enough to go around to our full wasteful desire, while in more extreme cases there’s actually not enough to sustain current populations much less growth. In those circumstances people are dying for lack of the most absolute basic of necessities. We are the most
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