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Part A The main system is the Cornell University where I reside as a student – taking classes, interacting with faculty and staff as well as other students. This system is the process of education, and a rounded education does often stem from diversity. That is why Cornell gives all of its students access to countless subsystems with which to enhance their and personalize their learning and growing experience. These subsystems which together make up this creature called the Cornell community, range from student subsystems to faculty and staff. Many of these subsystems are student organizations like sports teams, clubs, and the greek system. Myself I live in the subsystem of the greek community, and a subsystem of that would my the individual fraternity of which I am a member. Within that subsystem we work closely together with other like minded members in the functions of the fraternal order. We also interact frequently with other specific greek subsystems for fundraisers or social events.
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Unformatted text preview: Part B. Analyzing the Airline industry as a transportation system: 1. System purpose & functions a. This system’s purpose is to be a successful profit maximizing business, and all parts of the system are geared towards this goal from pricing models to employment policies. b. This system functions to accommodate travelers and take them from point A to point B quickly and safely and in as much comfort as possible without sacrificing time and too much overhead costs – since individual airlines must retain their competitive edge over others in the industry 2. This system is influenced by laws and regulations, state federal and international governance systems. Also it is embedded in competition with other transportation systems such as bus and train systems. It also is very responsive to the oil industry system, as this is a major and required input the Airline system. 3. Its subsystems include for the most part competing individual airlines and promotional activities....
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