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Lesson 7 Assignment 1

Lesson 7 Assignment 1 - The difference between the two is...

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Part 1 I "need" I use or do the following to meet that need Food Hunting, or by from stores clean Water buy from store and the city supply, support political action towards this achievment Shelter Purchase of pre built home Love Be a good member of a healthy family and talk to girls Clean air Politically supporting green intitiatives and cleaner emissions sanitary conditions cleaning after myself, and good healthy highgene, avoidance of toxic areas like dumps and sewage plants. Part 2 I choose American Indian’s in pre-Columbus times: Needs Achievement of Need Food attained through trade, hunting/ trapping, and farming Water Not as much risk of poisoning, drank water straight from sources witout purification, some boiled Shelter Built from natural resources, wood, and sometimes caves Love Same family and romantic dynamics experienced today Clean air(?) The air was unpolluted, except in the event of forest fire Sanitary conditions(?) There was no accumulation of wastes and toxins as we know it, so hygiene and normal avoidance of sick people
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Unformatted text preview: The difference between the two is both in needs and achievement of them. I don’t even know if I should include clean air and sanitary conditions in the needs of Native Americans in this time period because they were given as standard. No efforts toward their success were needed. Love is constant throughout history and the human experience, varying across cultures in ritual and human interaction. Humans over time have created needs that were not historically concerns but rather taken for granted. Pollution and waste accumulation have led to a poisoning of the ecosystem of which we are members and increasing our needs and efforts taken to assure our wellbeing. Another difference is that of economies of scale and money in current time. People now do one job and rely on others for most of their other needs. With a standardized currency of exchange we just buy most of the things which we need as opposed to pre Columbian times....
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