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Lesson 7 Assignment 2

Lesson 7 Assignment 2 - Respect Others through upbringing...

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Respect Others- through upbringing and my own discovery, I have found that respecting others is not just polite but something that everyone disserves. I passionately believe this and let people know if they fail in this regard. This principle has guided more and more of my interaction with others through maturity. Trust Few- By this I mean don’t trust many people and don’t trust easily. I’m talking about a significant level of trust, as in they would never do something malicious or misleading to you in any aspect of life. This is especially important today and increasingly so with the financial crisis as people and circumstances change so rapidly. Everybody has their needs and in an increasingly cutthroat world people are more and more willing to sacrifice you for their own gain. A certain amount of pessimism is necessary for survival. I have lived this value by being slow to love, stingy with information and money.
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