Lesson 8 interviews

Lesson 8 interviews - it's an important issue Every little...

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Joe leblanc learned about it in ENR classes, male 19 laramie wyo republican/idk anymore haha snowboarding, wrestling, beer pong hrough constant cycles in climate and sure humans have affected the environment in many negative BS ways, we arent making too big of  impact i guess. ..idk is that what you want? Mary sedega Female, 22, dc, liberal, dance, doctor/eginnerd---- I believe its a problem, and should be recognized as such by the US govt si? Trish Lin 1. taken classes/done internships with experiences on the topic of sustainability watched Al Gore's movie in a business management class read about it in the media 2. Female 3. 22 4. Rochester, NY aka bumblefuck USA 5. Political views: i'm not affiliated with a specific party more liberal than conservative i guess 6. hobbies: dance, sleeping 7. parent's occupation: healthcare practitioners
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Unformatted text preview: it's an important issue. Every little change matters. People should each take more responsibility for their waste and be more proactive with recycling Steph Bras umm. ..I'd say media, classes, peers 10:45pm Steph female 23 Elko, Nevada Conservative Skiing, Soccer, Shopping lol. ..I dunno 10:46pm Steph think it's something to be ignored but I think the overall attitude towards it is blown out of proportion and has led to some minor hysteria. Chuck Henry 1. very little 2. male 3. 20 4. Ithaca/New York City 5. Moderate 6. Reading non-fiction literature, photography, debate, rugby, seeing movies 7. Asset Manager (dad) & corporate litigator (mom) ke i know enough to form a particular opinion on how important it is (it seems very from what little i know) and what should be done about it...
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Lesson 8 interviews - it's an important issue Every little...

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