Lesson 8 Parts 1,2,3, 4 - Task 1. Identify and list `stake...

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Task 1. Identify and list ‘stake holders’ (actors, influencers, and those influenced/effected by decisions), and a short description of why you included them Stake holders can be divided into private and public entities. Between these parties, stakeholders influence eachother through formal lobbying, the media, and public opinion. Governments and organizations such as WTO, NATO, and the UN- these are the policy making bodies which regulate and organize the actions of home constituents and coordinate policy between nations of the world. The private sector lobbies for favorable policies from these organizations and regulations finalize conflicts between opposing interests. Here compromises between parties are made in the decision making process before final policy formation. Private stakeholders are categorized into industries, firms, management, labor and consumers. In a capitalist society like America the priorities of these stakeholders are profit and value. The dollar for individuals is often more important than trying to contribute towards better global warming policies. They provide raw data of needs into the decision making process. Lobbyists and private sector communication to governing entities- includes the media, social groups organized for specific causes like the NAACP, and firm/industry lobbyists. These stakeholders have the responsibility of communicating their interests and making sure the voice of the constituents is heard. They strive to create favorable policy climates for their organization and are driven by ideologies and money. These groups contribute to the decision making process by organizing and consolidating information from the public into a more coherent and digestible form for the use of policy makers as well
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Lesson 8 Parts 1,2,3, 4 - Task 1. Identify and list `stake...

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