Lesson 9 - Lesson 9 Part 1 Both the pessimists and optimist...

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Lesson 9 Part 1 Both the pessimists and optimist point of view are well argued and convincing in their own right. However I tend to agree more with the pessimist viewpoints in this regard. The pessimists find that there are only three possible outcomes; we will exhaust our non-renewable resources before we can as consumers find alternatives, we may outlive our resources, or they will outlive us. At current rates of population expansion and increasing consumption we are likely to run out of fossil fuels before discovering the technology to transfer economically to a sustainable and renewable alternative. In our wasteful and gluttonous culture it makes sense that humans will exhaust or destroy earths natural resources of clean water, air, wood, and food before learning to control our behavior and learning how to conserve these resources for long term sustainability. Humans have been so successful because we have learned to control and manipulate our environment. However this is will eventually lead to our demise as manipulation destabilizes natural equilibriums on which we rely so heavily. Nature which we have taken for granted and need in its current state for survival will begin to change more rapidly than we can adapt to with technology. The steps we need to take to prevent this, for example population control, are not possible to implement due to culture and ideologies of the individual human rights. Drastic measures cannot be achieved in todays political climate. We may not realize the need for a
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Lesson 9 - Lesson 9 Part 1 Both the pessimists and optimist...

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