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Lesson 10 - Abram Balloga Lesson 10 Part 1 Consumption...

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Abram Balloga Lesson 10 Part 1 Consumption : Friday 4/3 and Saturday 4/4 1. Food consumed (by weight): o fruits, vegetables and grains- 1.2 + 1= 2.2 lbs= 1 kg o dairy and meat products – 2.8 + 1.7 = 4.5 lbs= 2kg o manufactured or junk foods - .5 + .7 = 1.2 lbs= .54 kg 2. Water used (by volume) including drinking, washing, toilet flushing, etc. o Hot- 10 + 51= 61 gallons= 231 L o Cold- 7 + 25= 32 gallons= 121 L 3. Consumption of single use items (by weight) such as paper products, beverage containers, any disposable or recyclable items- o Approx 1+1.2= 2.2 lbs= 1 kg 4. Personal energy consumption (in kWh). approximately 2+ 1.4= 3.4 kWh 5. Fuel consumption for transportation (in L of gasoline). .2 +5 = 5.2 L 6. Estimate the total cost of all items you personally own (car, sporting equipment, furniture, clothing, etc.); prorate by dividing the purchase price by the estimated life to come up with an annual value for each belonging. Approx $575/ year. Waste can be evaluated in the following manner: 1. Total amount of garbage, recycling and compost you produce (by weight)- approx 5 + 2= 7lbs= 15.4 kg 2. Total amount of waste water produced. This can be assumed to be 99% of the water you consume per day (by volume). Approx slightly less than 93 gallons= 352 L Please note. While these figures will not be used in the final calculation, you are asked to keep track so you have some sense of how much is generated. Part 2 It is now time to calculate your ecological footprint. Use the conversion factors below to determine land use requirements. Make sure to convert daily figures into annual figures if
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necessary for some of the parameters before multiplying by the conversion factors. Include short descriptions of what procedures you used to determine amounts, such as how you decided to estimate the water flow from your faucet. 1. Food o fruits, vegetables and grains: 8.64 * 10 -4 ha/kg/yr … ½ kg/day.158 ha o dairy and meat products: 2.57 * 10 -3 ha/kg/yr… 1kg/day .938 ha o manufactured and junk foods include in single use items … .27kg/day = .0646 ha For estimating food consumption in weight I relied on my own personal judgment.(having
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Lesson 10 - Abram Balloga Lesson 10 Part 1 Consumption...

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