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Lesson 16 Assignment 2

Lesson 16 Assignment 2 - Here • ASABE will lead you to...

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Lesson 16: Sustainable Development and You Assignment 2 MAKING CONNECTIONS: POLICIES Various organizations, professional associations and special interest groups have developed statements, guidelines and policies related to sustainable development. When you review these you will find they often say similar things in different ways. You will also find differences among statements - differences reflecting particular interests or values emphasis. This assignment has two main tasks : Task 1:Examining codes of ethics and sustainability policies. Check out the web links listed below and record your thoughts, impressions, ideas, etc. regarding various statements made. For example: What did you like, not like? What did or did not resonate with you? What questions do you have? Post a summary of your observations and your favorite guide to the Lesson 16, Assignment 2 forum by the assignment due date. Weblinks A variety of codes of ethics
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Unformatted text preview: Here . • ASABE will lead you to the code (Scroll down the long page until you find ARTICLE B14, PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE and there you will find CODE OF ETHICS OF ENGINEERS.) You may have to try to open this link more than one time. • APEGBC Guidelines for Sustainability Task 2: Personal Guidelines This involves building your own personal set of guidelines - ones which reflect your values and incorporate the various main themes reflected in policy documents you have reviewed and themes reflected in your discussions. This will be something you can use to guide your work in the future. Be sure your guidelines include attention to all three core imperatives (social, environmental, economic) and that at least some of your guidelines are specific to your anticipated professional work context. Submit your personal guidelines for sustainability to the Lesson 16, Assignment 2 by the assignment due date....
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