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They gave a template for the slides in class. It has 33 slides, 12 are pictures or titles of new topics. I think it's best to make an outline in Word and then just paste it into a slideshow form. Here's how I think we could organize it: Jon and I can make an outline of the information. Abe can find pictures and Jen can organize the pictures and writing together in a slideshow? This is due Wed. Also, the second policy scenario is due next Monday Dec 1. Jen and I did a good job on the first one. It was easy I just searched in google scholar for the different info. So I guess Jon and Abe will take care of that. On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 3:05 PM, Jennifer Canfield Phillips < [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: > wrote: > We have a powerpoint for our final presentation (Horse Transport: the > effect of length of transport and conditions during transport on horses) > due this wednesday. How do you want to break it up? I figure each person > can make a few slides about a part (introduction of topic, length of > transport, conditions of transport, experimental design to test > improvement of transport. ..these are just a few ideas) of this topic. I > am fine with submitting the power point, but I need some research/info > from each of you. We also all need to communicate about how to divide the > project and how many slides we need for a 12 minute talk....
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