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survey... do it - Student Appraisal of of Courses ANSC 3100...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Appraisal of of Courses ANSC 3100 1 2 3 x 4 5 1 How appropriate is the amount of work required by this cou 1=much less than appropriate 5=much more than appropriate x 2 Did the lecturers stimulate your interest in the class? 1=destroyed interest; was boring 5=stimulated great interest x 3 How well were the teachers presentation of materials orga 1=congested; disorganized 5=clear; organized x 4 Were the instructors willing to provide help to students who 1=seemed unwilling to help 5=seemed willing to help x 5 Did the stated objectives of the course correspond with the 1=no agreement of stated objectives and what was taught 5=precise agreement of stated objectives and what was ta x 6 Did the course offer opportunities to become familiar with t 1=no, few opportunites 5=yes, many opportunites x 7 The teaching skills of the lecturers in this course in compa 1=much poorer than the majority 5=much better than the majority x 8 The value of this course to my overall education in compar 1=much less than other classes 5=much more than other classes x 9 The methods used to evaluate my knowledge and underst 1=inadequate to assess my knowledge 5=adequate to asses my knowledge x 10 My opinion of this course is 1=very poor course 2=an excellent course Please rank how valuable the following assignments were in complementing the material discussed in class: 1:Very Poor, 5: V 11 The website critique x 12 The Scenario's x 13 The weekly questions x 14 The Final Assignment: Designing a research project. x 15 Is the use of clickers a good way to keep track of attendan x but I came in no more than 7 minutes late a couple times and missed questions Please add comments below addressing strong points in the course, as well as areas that need to be strengthened. f work required by this course for the credit received nterest in the class? entation of materials organized? ovide help to students who needed it? ourse correspond with the outcome? ives and what was taught bjectives and what was taught s to become familiar with the material through discussion or practical application? rs in this course in comparison to my other teachers were: verall education in comparison to other courses is my knowledge and understanding of course materials were: n class: 1:Very Poor, 5: Very Good g a research project. to keep track of attendance? mes and missed questions e strengthened. ...
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