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Paper II outline - Abram Balloga HIST 2830 Short Paper II...

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Abram Balloga HIST 2830 Short Paper II 3/25/09 Royal Pillow Talk Argument Summary: Paintings in royal chamber reflect cultural changes in expectations of rule, becoming more of a Christian king modeled after jesus justice in a way. Mise-en-scene: Describes the room and its functions and what took place there. Poses question “What might he (King Henry) have seen before nodded off. - Pg 96, these works of art were expensive and seem wasteful towards the end of a bitter civil war, unless they hold a significant importance for “moral reflection” - “There is good evidence for the king’s warm interest in pressing his own concerns, aesthetic and moral, through his artistic works. - ‘One immediately apparent concern of our pictures is to guard the king from terrors of th night” pg 97 Debonerete mural – shows virtuous Debonerete subduing Ira pg 98 Remedies for anger: - What is the point of the Debonerete mural? - Anger (Ira) - Explains the origins of Anger as a significant sin pg 99. - Patentia? “patience to suffer evil” ? pg 99 o Commendable in monks and clergy but less desired in a king o “patience to suffer evil was not what secular magnates and barons wanted of their king” pg 99 In fact the opposite is true for their interests, enemies of the kingdom should be impatiently squashed as well as other wrongdoers with “strong justice” - Ira regis vs ira dei pg 100 - Pg 102 functions of kings anger - Pg 104 ruler should be gentle, example of clemency as actual kingly virtue and effective “kings should inspire love rather than fear” maybe dip into Machievelli prince The Rise of Self-Restraint on the Secular Scene.(105) - Here he is looking to “find a context” for the change in priorities of royal behavior. - Stephen Jaeger “the origin of Courtliness” – discusses the civilizing process - Flouring of courtly literature o Begins to introduce courtly vocabulary. o Espousing the virtues of the courtier and ethics of public life, laying out ideal forms of nobility and 106
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o “much of the vocabulary was borrowed from the Church in terms of sins, vices, virtues, and the thematic battle between good and evil. Revolving around self restraint. It is difficult to discover exactly how these ideas were impressed upon
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Paper II outline - Abram Balloga HIST 2830 Short Paper II...

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