Disabilities lec 8 - True False Question 7 Matching 1...

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LECTURE 8 Question 1 True/False 1 points The 1970s saw a backlash against characters with disabilities on film True False Question 2 Multiple Choice 1 points Melodramas romanticize disability in the following ways except portraying characters with disabilities as sweet and innocent dramatizing a romance in which a character with disabilities helps an able-bodied partner overcome his/her limitations portraying disabled characters as having developed other senses to extraordinary degrees happy endings Question 3 Multiple Choice 1 points Films have often portrayed characters with disabilities in the following way except: Obsessive Avenger Angry Bitch Sweet Innocent Noble Warrior Question 4 True/False 1 points Sign Language was not represented on film until 1965 True False Question 5 True/False 1 points Murderball was likely a popular success because it celebrated traditional notions of heterosexual masculinity True False Question 6 True/False 1 points Little people are often used as sidekicks in film
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Unformatted text preview: True False Question 7 Matching 1 points Match characters with disabilities with the film in which they appear: The Wizard of Oz Murderball The Unknown The Miracle Worker Johnny Belinda A. the man without arms B. Deaf woman C. Helen Keller D. little person E. man with quadriplegia Question 8 True/False 1 points Lon Chaney was a silent film director who pioneered the depiction of characters with disabilities on film True False Question 9 Multiple Choice 1 points An issue confronting the film industry today is that able-bodied actors are being cast in roles of people with disabilities not enough actors with disabilities are available digital effects have made it more difficult for actors with disabilities to get roles characters with disabilities are still confined to villainous roles Question 10 Multiple Choice 1 points Characters with disabilities have often major roles in the following film genres, except: crime film social melodramas horror film romantic comedy...
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Disabilities lec 8 - True False Question 7 Matching 1...

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