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Table 1 - then in final step the original vowel"a"...

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Table 1. Word/Phras e Evolutio n "Text" Final Spelling Notes word+ to trying to tryin to tryina present progressive only, other similar transformations but no significant consensus got to gotta consolidated key strokes want to wanta wanna consolidated key strokes ought to oughta Only "t" to "t" consolidation that didn't double up a consonant, probably because it is too awkward because four fifths of the word "ought" is a vowel word+ have would have would've woulda Negatives (would not) are spelled with normal contractions (wouldn't), negatives unchanged could have could've coulda (would not have) does not consistently become wouldnta or wouldn'tve should have should've shoulda "have" simplifies to "ve" spelling with an "of" pronunciation (retaining vowel placement from "have",
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Unformatted text preview: then in final step the original vowel "a" in "have" is regained, dismissing the rest, final "a" pronunced "agenda") FOR ALL IN GROUP others kind of kind've kinda Interestingly follows the same pronunciation evolution as word+have group you ya Pronounced like "u" in "under" consensus for when preceding a word that begins with an vowel, otherwise some use it arbitrarily. let me letme lemme Space dropped between words then, changed to form double m's, more fluid pronunciation, quicker key strokes give me givme gimme Space and silent "e" dropped, the "v" sound given up in favor of double m's, fluid pronunciation, faster to type...
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