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Abram Balloga PHYS 1203 Paper Topic 3/27/09 Discovery of Water on Mars The Story of a “Physics or Astronomy Discovery” There are two approaches you can follow: (a) Choose a specific Physics or Astronomy Discovery which took place after 1900. See some examples below, but you may choose your own. Do not choose an invention. Capture the adventure of the topic, the discovery, the person (s) involved, their personality, the effort, the context, any relevant historical or cultural background, the significance, and impact. Make connections with the course where relevant. Discuss why this particular discovery sparked your interest. (b) Choose a discovery that physicists or astronomers propose to make in the future. As a guide and for specific topic ideas read through the following web sites. Do not make your paper a review of the reports (F). Look in syllabus for links Consider as examples the account in the main text of the discovery of x-rays by Roentgen, or the
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Unformatted text preview: electron by Thompson. Avoid making your paper a dry technical account of the discovery. For your paper topic, carry out initial research on the story, how the discovery was made or is proposed to be made, about the person(s) involved, using books, papers, the web etc. Talk to your TA in office hours. Hand in a one page description of the discovery, its significance, the main actor(s), the sources you have found so far, and how you plan to make an interesting account in the final paper. Avoid making a broad sweeping description that covers to much. For the final paper, get the actual reference(s) or book(s). Web references are allowed but are not sufficient for the final paper. Avoid the Wikipedia as a reliable reference. Final Paper (8-10 pages) must be written according to guidelines above. Note: this is a big part of your grade....
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