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HW 5 - However this would not be noticeable by counting...

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Abram Balloga PHYS 1203 HW 5 q’s 1,6,11 1. Two friends have exactly the same age. Is it possible for one friend to travel to the future of the other? Is it possible for one person to travel to his own future? Is it possible to travel to his own past? Yes it is possible for one friend to travel into the future of the other. It is not possible for one person to travel into his own future, but only view time in relatively slow or fast motion pg 238. It is also impossible to travel into ones own past because this would require traveling faster than the speed of light which is impossible. Pg239. 6. According to the special theory of relativity, if you measure your own pulse while traveling at very high speeds, you would notice your pulse rate to be faster? Slower? Or the same? As compared to your pulse rate at rest? Your pulse in this case would slow down relative to its pulse rate at rest.
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Unformatted text preview: However this would not be noticeable by counting your pulse in beats per minute kept by a clock traveling with you, because the time dilation slows down the ticking of the clock along with your heart rate. So as you measure it, your heart rate remains the same as at rest. 11. Among the planets Mars, Mercury and Venus, which one takes the shortest time to make a complete circuit of the zodiac? Arrange the next two in order of increasing time period. What does this order tell us about the locations of the three planets relative to the earth? Mercury (3 months) has the shortest zodiac circuit period. Then it goes Venus (7 months), and Mars (23) months. The Greeks rationalized that the fastest ones were the nearest in proximity to earth pg 283. This rational was later changed as its meaning became clearer through further inquiry....
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