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HW 8 - Abram Balloga Armand Hershowitz Michelle Bitman...

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Abram Balloga Armand Hershowitz Michelle Bitman Jorge Flores-herrera William Schuh PHYS 1203 HW 8 1)James Bradley discovered the aberration of starlight to demonstrate the revolution of earth around the sun, and also to determine the velocity of light. He also discovered another effect due to the orbital motion of earth. Bradley realized that the ratio of earth’s orbital velocity to the velocity of light gave the tilt angle of the earth. 2) The pendulum was one of the first physics experiments which proved the rotation of the earth. As one of Newton’s laws of physics states, something that is moving will always stay moving unless it gets pushed by another force. The earth’s rotation is why the pendulum keeps swinging in the same direction even if we attempt to turn the pendulum. 3. Look up the diameter of earth’s orbit around the sun. Calculate the circumference of the orbit. Now calculate the orbital speed of the earth in meters/second.
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